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Herbal Hair Color Powder

Most of the prevailing permanent hair colours contain 100% chemicals which may cause harm to hair and skin.Our Herbal Hair Colours contain Natural Henna and rare hair treatment herbs as major ingredients, which not only protects and nourishes but also colours your hair naturally and premanently.It is natural herbal based and ammonia free product. herbal hair color powder, herbal henna powder, herbal hair color suppliers, natural hair color exporter, henna hair color wholesalers, henna hair color powder, black henna powder dealers noida, hair color power manufacturer, natural henna hair color powder. In addition to coloring your hair naturally, it extends complete benefits and advantages of hair treatment properties of henna and rare herbs.

  • Both for Men and Women
  • Ammonia free hair dye
  • Proper Grey Coverage
  • Henna Based
  • Colours Naturally
  • Improves Hair Growth
  • Prevents Hair Loss
  • Anti-Dandruff Agents
  • 4 Natural Shades
  • Improves Natural Look
  • Enhances Shine and Lustre
  • Do not stain Scalp & Skin

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Heral Hair Color - Dark Brown

Herbal Hair Color - Natural Black

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Herbal Hair Color - Natural Burgundy

Herbal Hair Color - Natural Brown